Google Partner Connect

Google Partner Connect

On May 21st 2014, Branded Innovation will be hosting the exclusive Google Partner Connect Event, and Branded Innovation wants you to join us! This event is a unique opportunity to learn more about the world of SEO, how to improve your business, and a way to get the inside scoop of what is happening in Google.

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This year, these three speakers experienced marketers will be giving you insights on how to improve your business plan. Who are they?

ArjanThe First Speaker is Arjan Dijk. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing management, Arjan will bring incredibly important advice to businesses everywhere. He received his BBA degree from University of Amsterdam and a MSc degree in Sociology from Harvard University, as well as an MBA from INSEAD. Arjan has worked in various jobs, such as with Unilever, a company located in Europe specializing in ice cream and frozen foods, and Capital One Europe as a member of the Executive Leadership Team and leader of Marketing. In 2010, Arjan decided to bring his diverse knowledge to San Francisco, where he joined Google as the Vice President of Small Business Marketing. In addition, Arjan wrote “The Small Think Big Book” in 2013, intended to help small businesses succeed in such a competitive industry using numerous online tactics.

The Second Speaker we are present is Fred Vallaeys, an Online Marketing Consultant who has worked at Google as an AdWords Evangelist, is Co-founder and CEO of, a company which specializes in managing paid search ads with AdWords, as well as CEO and founder of Top Tier Marketing. His exceptional skills in the field of Marketing range from extensive Adwords, SEO, SEM, and Online Marketing knowledge. He received a degree in electrical engineering from Stanford university, from there moving into the world of marketing. His goal is to help marketers and small businesses meet their goals in the field on marketing.

The Final Speaker of the day will be Ben Wood, current Director of Channel Sales America within the Google company. With over twenty years of experience in marketing and sales, the insight he has to offer to improve a company’s development is exceptional. After Wood graduated from University of Leeds in 1994 with a degree in Economics, he began working as the National Advertising Manager of Scotsman, later continuing his career as head of training at Mediaforce. Quickly following those two jobs, Wood then decided to enter the world of Google as their Industry Head, eventually becoming the esteemed Director of Channel Sales America we hear about today. In addition, Wood is also a member board of directors at the Local Search Association. From Online Advertising, digital strategy, and SEM to lead generation, Wood holds incredibly valuable information you have the privilege to hear live!

With such valuable information at your disposal, it is at your company’s best interest to hear these speakers first hand at our office. Make sure to join Branded Innovation on May 21st at 11:00am to learn all you have to know in the world of SEO.

Don’t Forget to tune into #GooglePartnerConnect for live tweets from the event!


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