Work Hard and Rank High

Work Hard and Rank High

You hear it again and again, hard work pays off.

Fortunately, this saying also applies to SEO.


But let’s not forget that hard work takes time to pay off. No matter at what stage your company is at, you have most likely experienced a time when no matter what you were doing, results just didn’t happen.

What slows down your improvement?
Google. We know Google is a sort of referee that defines the rules of SEO; with their more than 200 ways of determining page rank, it is easy to make a mistake that results in no obvious improvement in page ranking.

But hard work does indeed pay off, and eventually Google will see this in your website and improve your ranking based on the amount of effort you put in.

Remember that SEO is something that has to be constantly updated. Many people believe that SEO is a one time thing, with a set amount of effort required. However, it is quite the opposite, in order to succeed you have to keep working harder.

Some tips to improve your motivation for improved SEO are:

* Making realistic expectations about what you want: Set a goal, meet it and then find another goal. SEO in itself is the practice of growing, if you stay in one part alone, SEO will keep moving along and by the time you try to improve it, you will have no clue where to start.

* Always setting a contingency plan (back- up plan) and a conservative budget: Putting your whole company on the line for a bit more traffic will not end well. Remember that a little bit goes a long way.

*Not relying on Google for traffic: We can not stress this enough! Too many companies will never see results because 70% of their traffic comes from Google! Keep in mind, Google is not working for you, but is more like a referee waiting to call foul play.

* Measuring and Reporting leading indicators like: pages receiving traffic, link signals, social shares, and higher engagement pages. The more you measure, the more information you have on where to improve.

SEO has never been an easy practice, and Google wants it to stay that way. As a result, the amount of effort put into your website’s SEO will determine which rank Google decides to¬†categorize it on. Using the steps provided above will guarantee your page will have a higher rank among Google’s tough standards.


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