How to Increase Online Sales Using Web Analytics

How to Increase Online Sales Using Web Analytics

For online businesses, using an analytics tool provides useful information that, when used effectively, can increase conversions leading to online sales. By looking at key features, these businesses can better understand their strengths and weaknesses. They can better target their market and identify problems within their website. Through data collected, online businesses can better optimize their website as well as the customer experience.

Using an analytics tool to track traffic to your website is essential. However, the problem faced by these businesses is that not many know how to take full advantage of this tool. Web analytics accumulates a significant amount of data that provides useful insight beneficial to any business. How do we make the most out of this information?

1. See how people are accessing your site
Are people viewing your site through mobile devices, laptops, or desktops? Look at how sales and conversion rates differ by device type and optimize accordingly. This not only allows you to know which device is used most frequently in connecting people to your business, but also allows you to help identify issues that are causing low traffic and conversion rates on particular devices.

2. Track where traffic is coming from to optimize your marketing investments
Is traffic coming from referrals (other websites), social media, or search engines (paid/organic)? Data allows you to understand what marketing channels are being utilized more to create the most conversion. With this knowledge, you can invest your money more efficiently by investing in your most profitable channels.

3. Use demographics data to better understand and target your audience
By using a geographic filter you can determine which regions or cities generate more sales than others. This will allow you to better understand your target market in order to create focused advertising campaigns for those regions.

4. Know exactly what your customers are looking for
Use site search data to find terms people are searching for while on your site. This will help you pinpoint opportunities for product placement.

5. Learn where visitors are landing
These pages attract the most traffic from search engines and other referrers, and therefore, require the most attention.

6. Find out which calls to action generate the most interest
Are some calls to action more effective than others? Does the placement of the call to action matter? Identify which calls to action are producing the best results on your site and further hone your messages to increase conversions.

7. Pay attention to bounce rates to see where you’re losing customers
Look for pages with higher traffic and high bounce rates. Pages with high bounce rates can indicate a problem with the information or call to action

There are additional aspects to consider when trying to optimize conversions and sales through your website. It’s important to understand where you are losing your customers and fix them accordingly. Simple changes can lead to dramatic improvements in the number of people who end up purchasing, and it all begins with analytics tools.


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