How to Optimize Feedburner to Feed SEO and Traffic

How to Optimize Feedburner to Feed SEO and Traffic

Feedburner is a subscription tool from Google that allows users to easily follow your blog and website updates and to similarly alert Google when such updates have been made.

While it’s pertinent to have a Feedburner account, it just as important to know how to use it in order to prevent the content on your Feedburner feed from showing up to the search engines as duplicate content. To do so, follow these best practices by making sure:

Inserting “rel=nofollow” tags within a link is the most important thing you can do for Feedburner. This tag will inform Google and other search engines to not follow the link and thereby not mistakenly think there is duplicate content when there is not.

Inserting a no index tag is another great way to prevent Google and other search engines from thinking you are posting duplicate content. Although this tag will prevent your Feedburner from showing up in search results, it will enhance SEO by further legitimizing the original content. You can edit this setting by going to “Publicize”, visiting the “No Index Menu” on the left hand side, checking the field that states “Indicate that your feed should not be indexed by search engines” and then hitting the “save” button.

• It is Displaying Summary Only
If you are displaying full content, you are loosing potential visitors to your blog. Instead, provide viewers with a short summary teaser of the content that entices them to visit your actual blog page!

• It is Displaying Clean Source URL
The default FeedburnerURl looks like:
To take advantage of SEO you should add the clean URL of your content. For instance, Branded Innovation would implement a URL that looked more similar to: instead of the above example.

Through these steps you will not only increase traffic to your site, because of your initial use of Feedburner, but you will also improve your site’s SEO.

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