Joomla: The Ultimate Content Management System for Marketing

Joomla: The Ultimate Content Management System for Marketing

 Joomla is an open-source content management system made especially for creating and publishing website content. Its CMS function makes it ideal for publishing and managing websites. It provides numerous benefits that aid businesses in creating and managing well-designed, organized, user friendly websites.

Benefits include:

1. You have the ability to manage multiple users with a wide range of permission levels. This allows you to monitor all of your employees’ actions in your company when using Joomla.
2. Joomla works on a template system, which allows users to simply input their content according to a specific template in order to create an organized, well-designed website,
3. Your website can be created in a hierarchical manner, which include pages of a website and subpages of pages. Joomla’s software mechanism is wired to input this feature at the preference of its user.
4. Joomla’s clients have absolute control over their content, menus, modules, and more by accessing the administrator panel.
5. You can install a plugin by installing a .zip file through the admin panel.
6. You can manage your content, blog, and eCommerce in one platform.

If you want to sell online, Joomla offers quite a few eCommerce components. The standard eCommerce component for Joomla is Virtuemart. This eCommerce tool is an excellent solution that offer numerous standard features for product management, shipping, payment gateways, and downloadable products. An alternate solution would be RokQuickCart.

Joomla can even work with WordPress. Usually, WordPress is utilized for creating and managing blogs. However, you can run a WordPress blog within Joomla! As long as you log in as an administrator, you can maintain a top-notch blog with WordPress through Joomla’s CMS platform. Just install the WordPress for Joomla plugin, link the two tools together, and witness the combined power of two excellent website creators. Use Joomla as your CMS and WordPress as your blog.

Nevertheless, Joomla is not for everyone. Even though it is considered one of the best content management systems that incorporate the publishing of websites, Joomla requires a professional hand that knows how to work its way through its different features. A high amount of skills and experience is necessary to master and reap all the benefits of Joomla. You need to have knowledge regarding the process to implement custom designs and set up most of the modules and components. However, as long as you become experienced in this area, the managing part is actually very simple.

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