Information about Google’s New Mobile Ad Format

Information about Google’s New Mobile Ad Format

Google announced recently this year a new mobile ad format to be displayed on all mobile devices that will affect its search engine results page (SERP). Google began displaying ads in the mobile search results pages that replaced a second line of ad text with ad extensions, such as location. Furthermore, Google may even go as far as eliminating the second line of the ad altogether without adding anything in its place. For the time being, Google will be serving both versions.

The reasoning behind this switch is to optimize the user experience. Swapping additional ad text with an extension will provide the user easier access to more information. This allows for an additional point of engagement for the advertiser. However, in cases where no additional extension will be offered, Google may be shortening ad text in order to include more ads into the top of the mobile SERP, giving mobile searchers more paid listings to choose from, which translates to concerns for SEOs, who have to now compete with more ads. Google benefits greatly by incentivizing advertisers to utilize extensions, and therefore distracting searchers from clicking on organic listings.

How do we mitigate this impact? The first is to be sure the first line of text ad makes sense on its own. With the shortened copy, every word counts. Second is to take advantage of the mobile-preferred ad option specific for mobile searches. Third is to set up ad extensions. Google is providing additional advertising space for those with extensions, as opposed to those who will lose advertising space because they do not have any. It is necessary to take this advantage. Lastly, it is important to test. Run split tests in order to figure out what copy works best for users on a mobile device, and therefore, produce a more effective advertisement on an evolving technological medium.


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