Tools to Create Captivating Web Design

Tools to Create Captivating Web Design

The importance of website design often times appears to be underestimated. Websites are essentially the great first impressions that companies need to make to potential customers. It goes without saying that a visually appealing website is more likely to make a positive association in the mind of a customer than an unorganized website. By understanding this, companies can appeal to their customers and make a greater impact on a psychological level. Here are the four greatest ways to appeal to customers psychologically through web design:

1. Content

Make your website as easy to navigate through as possible. Instead of cramming each page with loads of information and overwhelming your guests, make the information concise. While providing concise information is important, you will also want to make sure that information is easily accessible. The quicker your guests can find information about your business, the greater chance there will be of them returning to your website. This also associated positive feelings with your business. Your website is a direct reflection on your company!

2. Space

Less is more! Minimalism is the current website design trend. An ideal website will use as little content as possible while effectively conveying a desired message. Do not feel obligated to fill every inch of your website; “white space” or “areas of a design in which no content or visual element (is) demanding our attention is present” is psychologically pleasing and allows visitors to take visual breaks from exploring content. You will want to be in favor of a simple web design, the reason being that a cluttered web page makes visitors feel uneasy.

3. Color

Most companies have colors that are already associated with there company. Your website is the ideal medium to make the most of those colors. Use those colors to your advantage and appeal to the emotions of your visitors.
Here are a few examples of colors and the emotions that can evoke:
Blues, greens, purples (cool colors): inviting, professional, relaxed
Reds, oranges, yellows (warm colors): soothing, warm, creative

Mix these colors with different hues and neutral colors to balance out the look of your website and create a positive experience for your visitors.

4. Typography

There are different types of fonts available that aid in promoting the impression your business is trying to put forth. A serif font , like Times New Roman, is more professional and traditional, whereas a san-serif font, like Helvetica, is more modern and informal. Aside from font, formatting is another important feature of typography. Don’t have content paragraphs too close together. Use spacing to your advantage as to not overwhelm your visitors.


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