Introducing Twitter’s New Analytics Dashboard

Introducing Twitter’s New Analytics Dashboard

Last week, Twitter opened its previously restricted analytics dashboard to every user. What does it mean for your business and how can you best use these new features? Let’s take a look!

This new tweet activity dashboard allows you to see

• How many impressions each tweet has received
• The number of favorites each tweet has received
• How many times others have clicked on your profile
• The number of retweets and replies on a certain tweet
• The level of engagement your tweets have created

To access these metrics, simply go to and you will see your Tweets dashboard. However, to view the data about each tweet’s activity, you need to sign up for a (free) Tweeter Ads or Analytics account. Your Twitter account also needs to be active and at least 14 days old.

Twitter followers

Other Metrics
Besides tweets activity, you can also view data about your followers and Twitter cards. These two metrics do not require you to sign up for an ad or analytic account.

Followers Dashboard

The Followers component of Twitter Analytics offers insights that third-party services can’t necessarily provide. In addition to tracking follower increases and information on gender and location (charting the top countries, states and cities where your audience members live), the Followers dashboard is the easiest way to find out which topics your followers find most interesting. By tracking your audience’s changing interests, you will know what areas you should focus on for both original content and the content you retweet.

Twitter Cards Dashboard

Like Open Graph Protocol for Facebook, Twitter Cards allow you to attach rich media experiences to your tweets. It also keeps track of how your tweets are being shared on Twitter. Under your Twitter Cards dashboard, you can see how many people retweet your tweet, install your app, and click on your links. Modify any cards that aren’t performing well or try out another type of card.

Twitter Analytics Tips

1. Find the most engaging tweet

Study your most engaging tweet and see why it has performed so well. Does it show strong emotion? Does it share a video, or a photo? Try to replicate the success.

2. Gain knowledge about your audience

Take advantage of your followers dashboard and see what your followers are interested in. Appealing to a specific audience with the right content will ensure an increase in retweets, replies, and mentions.

3. Monitor your tweets activity overtime.

Everything has its ups and downs. As long as your Twitter is performing well in the big picture, don’t get upset about temporary loss.




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