Pinterest Messaging for Marketing

Pinterest Messaging for Marketing

Pinterest messaging allows users or businesses to directly message people who have followed one of their boards through a private message or by email. Since Pinterest does not offer anything like a Facebook Business page, Pinterest messaging is the best way to share promotional content directly to another user.

To best utilize Pinterest messaging, make sure your Pinterest message is a mixture of text and image- consistency across the channel is key! In fact, Pinterest allows you to include more than one image in your message. In the right instances, take advantage of this tool.

Make a list of your top followers and repinners and group them by interest. Send each pinner a personal message with the specific pins you would like to receive the most attention that is geared toward their specific interest. Make sure to include a clear call to action in the message such as inviting the pinner to visit your webpage to view the original content. This will improve your website SEO and bring further awareness to your brand and company services.

If you have a list of people who consistently repin and heart your content, reach out to them and ask them to be potential contributors to one of your boards. By creating partnerships with people who are familiar with your marketing style, you can expand your Pinterst outreach and reach a new sector of followers connected to the new pinner.

Within your messaging, use a casual yet professional tone. Avoid being too pushy. Additionally, you can use Pinterest messaging to create group messages around any part of your content such as a blog or YouTube channel. Find a group of pinners who follow and frequently interact with your pins and include a pin of your latest content with a question. Such engagement will help increase future interactions and build a community among your followers.

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