Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Are your emails being optimized for conversion to drive sales? Make sure they are being sent to the right people at the right time.

Here are 5 best practices for nurturing your leads.

Make it a team sport
– It is imperative that sales and marketing work together in lead nurturing. The sales team deals directly with the prospects that your marketing team attracts.

Target your communications
– Have personalized, relevant emails. Use segmentation to sort leads and organize your audience into targeted lists and develop exclusive content for each.

Consider using plain text emails
– Use plain text, instead of HTML, emails to achieve the look of personalization. Having a few lines of content and a personalized signature from a name they recognize can make a huge difference.

Be strategic with your timing
– Prevent email recipients from getting too many of your company emails. Generally one a week is a good amount. Be strategic with your timing- when will your prospects see the most value in what you have to offer or say? Keep in mind that 53% of buyers stop engaging when content becomes irrelevant.

Create supporting content
– Many companies find themselves underprepared from a content perspective. Content is the fuel that makes lead nurturing run. Ensure that you have the content in place to support any new nurturing programs you’re launching.

Remember that these best practices are constantly evolving! Visit Nurturing Best Practices for more information.

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