Media Kits: What Are They and What Can They Do For Me?

Media Kits: What Are They and What Can They Do For Me?

A Media Kit is a multi-page document that businesses use to promote their company. It can include anything from deals and specials to clientstatistics and testimonials. Media kits can help US to help YOU. 


Many small businesses can benefit from media kits as they provide extensive customer profiles of the people who use and invest in their product. Companies can calculate anything from monitoring social media posts to sending out customer surveys and questionnaires to create a deeper understanding of their clients.

For example, the Better Homes and Gardens: Home Design magazine has an available media kit that provides information about their readers in detail:

  • 95% are female
  • 75% are married/living in a partnered relationship
  • 85% are college educated
  • Median age is 49.8
  • Median household income is $68,700
  • Median home value is $231,850
  • In the next year:
  • 75% are planning to do a building/remodeling project in the next year
  • 69% are planning to do a decorating project in the next year

            Using this information, Better Homes and Gardens: Home Design is better able to market their magazine towards the group of collective individuals who fit this demographic. By understanding the demographics of your target audience, you are better suited to market your product in a way that can guarantee a positive response and a growth of your business. Understanding and creating media kits helps unify the personal and the professional aspects of a business. Testimonials and an FAQ section shows clients you care while maintaining your professional integrity. Maintaining consistent processes and packages included in your media kit can also help to accomplish this. By consolidating multiple aspects from your business into one document, you can achieve your optimal company potential.




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