Content Marketing: Know What Your Audience Wants

Content Marketing: Know What Your Audience Wants

Many people utilize content marketing to engage audiences and drive traffic to their pages.  However, there is a big content marketing problem right now. People are making investments before knowing if their audiences will love their content. Essentially, people are coming up with ideas and building them before talking to anybody else. Not only is this risky, but it is easily avoidable. In order to effectively create something that people really want and love and are willing to share, follow these five tips.

5 Tips:

  1. Get to know the community and niche that you are operating in.  Without understanding sites and pages and understanding who the big influencers are in the community, what is popular, what gets engagement and what does not, you not perform nearly as well.

  2. Seek out Social media sites, forums, Q and A’s, and blogs. Your job as a content marketer is to have insight and empathy. Without doing the proper research, this is impossible. Find topics and questions that inspire questions, curiosity, and need.

  3. Make sure that your content is unique and other people will share it.  To do this, have a conversation with an online commenter asking if they would like it and share it.  You can use twitter, email, google plus to reach out directly to individuals. OR use Conspire or, both email tools that allow you to see who you are connected to in order to reach more people.

  4. Visual and interactive content will always perform better than text.  

  5. Remember that as you are doing the creation, audience and business goals must be aligned.  Connect your solution to your business with a call to action. These benefits are indirect and long term, but you will gather more interest around your brand and influence future decisions. In doing so you will gain more links, links lead to rankings, rankings lead to being higher in search engines, and so on and so forth.

Applying these 5 steps will help you to optimize your content for your customers, community, and business.

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