3 Practices Required For Marketing Success

3 Practices Required For Marketing Success

For years, the goal of marketers have been to try and get the right messages to the right customers at the right time. The marketing method to reach this goal has been relatively consistent until now. Due to the prominent nature of the digital age, a paradigm shift has occurred to drastically change the methods of client reach for marketers. In the digital age, the buyers have the power to do their own product research and are no longer reliant on the carefully constructed product descriptions that marketers have always provided. Here are three practices that progressive marketers have embraced in order to adapt to the digital age and the resulting evolution of buyer behavior.

Keep Your Buyer In The Driver’s Seat
Creating buyer personas from research can serve as the foundation for what should be communicated, where it should communicated and how it should be communicated. These personas can enable the marketer to create content that caters to segments of their client base, which will result in creation of engagement.

Embrace Technology
Technology is the key factor in many social interactions today. It helps with automation processes and keep the marketer connected to potential clients. It also enables marketers to do their jobs better. This is true because marketers now have access to automation systems that can provide data to help segmentation and personalization. Analytics also provides additional insight in the potential clients position in the buyer’s journey.

Welcome Change
There has been a major increase in the percentage of online purchases and that coupled with the fact that the buyer’s journey now mostly occurs online means that marketers must embrace change. Marketers must constantly be gauging the success of their campaigns and changing underperforming technology. Change is never a bad thing but failing to embrace it and adjust according can lead to detrimental results for any marketing campaign.


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