7 Ideas To Help You Keep Up With Fast Pace of Social Media

7 Ideas To Help You Keep Up With Fast Pace of Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, and because of this many marketers find it hard to keep up. Keeping up with social media change can be a horribly terrifying idea but it’s doable. Here are some ideas on how to organize yourself to handle the constant change of social media.

1. Master the marketing fundamentals
The social media platforms keep changing, but the basics of marketing and consumer behaviors are relatively constant. So understanding these basics and behaviors will allow you to weed out the things that matter.

2. Create a support group
Have a group of people that you can discuss the changes with. Creating this kind of group ensures that you are not trying to take on the daunting task of understanding social media changes by yourself.

3. Consider a focus area
Because it’s impossible to keep up with every single thing that changes on social media, its important to specialize in specific platforms. Some marketers focus solely on Facebook marketing/advertising and others just stick with and study with Google+.

4. Follow your customers
Simply stay on top of the platforms that are relevant to your clients/customers. Most likely your customers focus mainly on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. This can vary on demographics and region.

5. Set a time limit
Use a time limit to force yourself to focus and prioritize your tasks so that you don’t spend too much time trying to understand the changes for all social media platforms.

6. Avoid the Fear of Missing Out
Adjust and come to understand that the life of a marketer goes beyond social media and that some things dealing with social media can slip through the cracks. Social media success does not depend on those minor slips so focus on the major picture.

7. Stay centered on the result
This is almost a summary of all the other tips. Make sure to not get lost trying to understand the changes that you lose sight of why you wanted to understand the changes in the first place. Learn enough to allow you to implement the fundamentals of marketing, but don’t waste your time trying to become a social media expert. This is essential for staying focused in the busy world of social media and marketing.


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