Engage Your Email Subscribers

Engage Your Email Subscribers

Research shows that more intensive and varied interactions causes our brain to work better. This fact can be applied to your email marketing campaign and be used to increase customer engagement. Customer engagement can predict the likeliness of conversion and the brand’s perceived value. Here are some methods you can use for your business to increase engagement in your email marketing campaign.

Activity is not the same as engagement. This means that just because a subscriber opens an email does not mean that they are engaging in your message. Engagement is present in the second stage of email marketing when the customer reads and scans the content in the email and clicks through the links on the email. This is where the true conversions are seen: during the stage of higher engagement that occurs when the customer reads your article, browses your website or buys a product your brand offers.

1. Survey interests
Providing an honest survey can appeal to the customer and create a sense of exclusivity to the customer. This can solidify the relationship between the brand and the client.

2. Add a irregular personal email
If you are frequently sending newsletters or call-to-actions, sending a personal email can boost engagement. Sending individual, personalize emails show the subscriber that you are spending quality time on them. The most important thing to do while sending these emails is to find the right angle to approach the content by thinking of the function that you want the email to serve and to create the best possible subject line.

All your email marketing campaigns should offer sufficient opportunities for your subscribers to engage with your brand. Go through your procedures and see if there are ways to create appealing messages for each customer segment that you create. If engagement is still low, use additional strategies like the ones provided above to stimulate engagement.


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