Use Segmentation To Drive Sales

Use Segmentation To Drive Sales

Segmentation, the act of segmenting your brand visitors and customers, should be a tactic that is used at the early stages of your marketing campaign. Using segmentation allow you to better understand the needs of your potential customer and inevitably drives sales. By using segmentation, you are also attempting to deliver a unique experience to different demographics and buyer personas at a broader level than personalization. Every business has freedom to use segmentation in unique ways but here are some popular examples to help you create the best customer experience.

Geographic Segmentation
Even though every individual is different, you are likely to find some similar interests and averages among people that are geographically close. These similarities can be spotted at a country, state and even city level.

Time-Based Segmentation
This type of segmentation is used to identify differences in buyer behavior at different times of the year. Knowing what seasons generates the most revenue in a year will allow you to know what works for your brand and give you the ability to adapt to changes in buyer behavior that occurs around certain times of the year.

Role-Based Segmentation
Every person has different amounts of influence and purchasing power. Knowing the roles of your target audience, such as their role in their family or business, allows you to create content that is unique and that can meet the needs of potential customers.

Age-Based Segmentation
Buyer tendency tends to differ across age groups. For example, the habits of teenagers and older adults tend to be different from the average buyer habit. Understanding the needs of different age groups allows for better brand communication.

Sex-Based Segmentation
Males and females respond to different environments and shop in ways that differ from each other. Avoiding generalizations while understanding uniqueness that exists in the gender of your potential customers allow you to better personalize your product and content.

Engagement Segmentation
Using this type of segmentation requires you to pay attention to how your potential customers are engaging with your brand. It’s also important to create content and marketing campaigns that cater to people at different stages of their buyer’s journey. Use this type of segmentation to create a user experience that caters to the major types of customers.

Interest Based Segmentation
This might not be important if your brand sells a single type of product or service but it is useful to segment visitors and customers based on their individual interests. Knowing what people are interested in and presenting that to them through your marketing campaign, strengthens your brand and will help drive higher conversion rates.


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