How To Build A Popular Blog With Limited Time

How To Build A Popular Blog With Limited Time

Everyone desires a popular blog, especially business owners. Achieving a popular blog can be tricky, especially if you are attempting to run a business, raise children and still have time for yourself. Here are some strategies that can help you build a successful blog while working to pay your bills and helping your family at home.

1. Dedicate the appropriate amount of time
Creating a successful blog does not happen overnight. Because of the differing commitments that you are facing in your life, it will take you some time to build an amazing blog with a great fan base. Make sure to set some short, medium and long term goals to help you along the process of creating the blog.

2. Learn to use analytics to test and tweak your content
You need to learn early in the process that testing is very important. Testing and research involves experimenting with different tactics and running split tests that will allow you to find out what works the best for you and your blog and keep you on track for creating an awesome blog.

3. Decide if you are a writer or an entrepreneur
It is difficult to grow unless you recognize which role you play for your blog. If you are not good at writing, you have to outsource this task to someone else that is better versed in that aspect of blogging. This also stands for things such as SEO, blog optimization and creation of the blog them. Do not think of outsourcing as a cost but as an investment because it allows you to have people that specialize in specific aspects of the blogging world and it allows you to have time to do what you do best.

4. At the beginning, forget social media
Social networking sites are a waste of time in the beginning if you have no client base. They rarely bring in huge amounts of traffic and they take an enormous amount of time that you need to work on your blog. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use social media to try and market your blog but spend your time and money mainly on your blog.

5. Write great content, but not on your site
Writing amazing content for your blog is awesome but it doesn’t hold any weight because none knows about your blog yet. The first year of blogging should definitely be focused on getting guest posts on other more advanced blogs, advertising your blog and acquiring mentions on many other relevant websites. Try to use the 1 to 3 ratio: for every post that you post, acquire three guest posts.

6. Connect with veteran bloggers
Get in contact with bloggers that have been doing it for a while. This will allow you to get tips, help, feedback/support from the people that are doing well in the blogging universe.

7. Learn to borrow
Look at what the most popular blogs in your niche are posting and use that as a base for creating your blog’s content. Do this by writing the keywords that you’d like to rank for and then do a Google Search for these keywords. When looking at the top sites, pay attention to the brand and their layout, the method they use to distribute their content and what made them popular. Performing good research will help you figure out where to begin in creating content and learn how to publicize your content. This will help you improve your SEO and stand out in a crowd of people posting similar topics as you.


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