Tips on How to Handle Email Unsubscribe

Tips on How to Handle Email Unsubscribe

In marketing, it’s difficult to loss a potential customer on your emailing list. When someone decides to unsubscribe from your brand’s emails, you have to let them go but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer-brand relationship is over. There are many reasons why a customer might want to unsubscribe from your email list and it’s up to you to find out why.

In trying to understand the customers motivation, you can provide alternative options for them. A common option is to allow them to reduce the frequency of the emails that you send, or let them know that you can also stay in touch through social media. In order to offer the best unsubscribe experience for the customer, your brand has to keep in mind that the design and optimization of the unsubscribe page is definitely important. Here are a few ways to handle your unsubscribe page for your company.

1. Don’t Be Wordy
Keep it short and simple. Offer a few alternatives for the customer but at the same time make sure to keep the unsubscribe options clear and concise.

2. Keep it clear
Use appropriate labels for buttons. Make sure that the unsubscribe button is clear and not hidden. Also make sure to use the word ‘unsubscribe’ so the customer is sure of the transaction that they completed. Also make sure that you include your social media buttons on this page so that the alternatives are very clear to the customer.

3. Call-to-action
Just because a customer unsubscribes from your mailing list does not mean that they want to lose all contact from the brand. Make sure to ask for some sort of action from the customer. You can do this by providing a link back to your website so that the customer can look around or by linking to your blog so that the customer can still stay up to date with your products. If your brand has an app, make sure to include the download link somewhere on this page so that the client can have this option.


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