New Dimensions For Facebook Group Cover Images

Have you noticed that the cover image on your Facebook Group looks “off”? Maybe you haven’t even checked and now you’re opening another tab to check right now (good call). Facebook has shifted the dimensions of cover images on Facebook Groups, resulting in many cut-off images that don’t look as appealing.

It can be complicated figuring out what dimensions are correct and can be quite the time-consuming task to create multiple images in different sizes just to see which works best. That’s why we did it for you.

Unfortunately, desktop and mobile crop the images differently, which means you may want to pay extra close attention to where you any important graphics or words on your image. Below is a graphic showcasing the correct dimensions of your FB Group cover image.

The first image is what a desktop shows, the second is what shows up and is visible on mobile (parts of the width get cut off when on mobile). This helps showcase where you don’t want to have any important text or graphics.

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