Find Out Why Businesses are Investing in SEO and Outsourcing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that ensures a website has the features needed to make it more appealing to search algorithms employed by content finding websites, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These features and tactics include refining content by adding keywords/phrases and hyperlinks, ensuring the page title accurately indicate the content, adding specialized coding to the backend of your website, and much more. SEO works on your website’s behalf to showcase to the most popular search engines that your website is the best result for specific inquiries (think keywords that consumers would type in to find your business).

This puts your business in front of the users who are looking for your service or product allowing you to increase your traffic as well as your number of leads.  

With so many do-it-yourself SEO video tutorials out in the world, people expect it to be easy. Of course, it is easy if you know exactly what you’re doing. Instead of taking the stressful and overwhelming route, business owners are now expanding their team and investing time and money into professional SEO consultants. Here are five reasons why:


Be Better


SEO is better than paid traffic, that’s right. Regardless of whether you’ve tried Google Adwords or other forms of advertising, it can’t beat the whopping 75% of search traffic that SEO drives.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Google AdWords if your business is the right fit, but we also believe it is an excellent supplement to a successful SEO campaign.


Be Relevant in the Online Community


The first step is to make your website easily accessible. People need to be able to find you before you start gaining any traffic. You want the traffic to generate leads, attract new and potential customers, and make sales.

SEO is more than just ranking in search results. An effective strategy will result in attention and love for your business.


Be Trustworthy and Credible


If you’re not the first thing (or at least on the first page) people see when they Google search your keywords, it raises red flags. Customers need to feel assured when looking for your company.

SEO can help build that relationship and ease the psychological angst.


Be Ahead of the Game


Your SEO consultant will be coaching you in marketing and giving you plays to beat out the competitors. A skilled company will be able to provide an in-depth analysis of other businesses, break down their strategy, and much more to give you that competitive edge.

Every part of your SEO is measurable, which gives plenty of opportunities for evaluation and correction (if need be).

SEO is an on-going process, and your certified SEO team will be with you every step of the way.


Be the Boss of your Search Marketing


You’ll benefit from letting your staff focus on their skill set while hiring a company (specializing in search marketing) to handle your campaign. No, you’re not lazy – it’s called being smart and efficient.

The long-term strategy:

  • Trust in a professional SEO company rather than an SEO enthusiast who thinks they know it all. They are aware and already adapting to the newest algorithm changes, positive and negative ranking factors. Experts know what exactly is missing from your marketing strategy and are excellent at implementing future trends.
  • Working with an SEO company also has other rewards: speed. You have an entire team at your fingertips dedicated to growing your business and meeting your goals.
  • Similar to the finer things in life, better quality comes with a big price tag.

You might consider buying into cheap SEO services, but we highly recommend against that because it holds you back from making more money in the long run. There’s a positive correlation between investment and revenue.

If you have any doubts before officially signing on, ask for a simple calculation. You’ll be able to see how fast it is to earn back your initial investment. Effective SEO is through increased earnings, which will keep going up.

Remember to take advantage of your resources, good luck!

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