Content Management Systems

A CMS, or content management system, gives you ultimate control over how your content is displayed on your website. A good CMS will allow you to add articles, specials, promotions, blog pieces, and updates with little to no knowledge of web coding. For most businesses, this should be as simple as adding the equivalent of a Word document to your website – easy, clean, and fast.

A customized content management system might run you upwards of $30,000 … but not the way we do it. We take existing systems and tailor them to your needs, saving you tens of thousands of dollars. Our systems range in price from $1,000 to $5,000 on average and provide the same level or sophistication and workflow as systems sold by our competitors at ten times the price.

How can we do that? We use the same technology, but our business model doesn’t thrive on building one site and hoping for another random customer down the road. No. Our business model is such that we want to (and we will) create a raving fan out of you so we’re never short on projects. Solid business practices shouldn’t remain offline, they should apply to the online world as well. You get exactly what you wanted, and in most cases much more than you thought possible, and in return, you’ll naturally talk about and want to refer us business. This has been working for us for years – we supply a great product at a great price.

Have move questions? We’re here to answer them and help you through the process – that’s what we do. Contact us now.

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