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Link building is the process of developing a network of websites that link from your website to other trusted websites (outbound links) and also, more ideally, from trusted sources to your website (inbound links). The algorithms that are used by search engines analyze the quality of a website based on the number and popularity of other websites and pages linking to them. Links are one of the most critical ways that search engines identify reliable and significant sites because trustworthy, popular websites will most often only link to similarly trustworthy sites and pages.

Branded Innovation recognizes not only that this is one of the single most important and impactful methods of a SEO campaign but that this is a time Link Buildingconsuming practice for anyone who is trying to run a business. At Branded Innovation we know what we are doing when it comes to link building, let us take the weight of your shoulders and do what we do best.

As part of a full-service SEO client’s link building campaign, Branded Innovation will research relevant and trusted industry associations we would believe your company would benefit from joining. You can leverage the power of the industry association for your own brand as having a respected industry association logo on your website can help boost your site’s trust factor with your visitors and with the search engines.

Many industry associations and industry websites also have their own directories that only link to members, providing a valuable trusted link to round out your link portfolio. Some industry websites also accept guest blog posts or articles from members, something that Branded Innovation will leverage for your SEO. We can create unique content specifically for these industry association websites on your behalf, or properly optimize content you have already written, and submit them to these sites.

Since every industry association is different, the cost to join is also varied. While Branded Innovation will do it’s best to ensure there is enough of a media budget to join appropriate industry associations, we cannot guarantee that your company’s industry association memberships will be covered by your full service SEO fees like the rest of your paid link building (including online PR and directory submission).

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