Video Marketing

Branded Innovation is not a video production company, but we do understand the SEO potential associated with web video marketing. We can take videos produced by your company, or your video production partner, and properly optimize them for SEO and use them to fuel your link building campaign.

Online videos have the potential to rank in the search results pages ahead of regular listings and they are a great way to increase your overall online brand presence. Branded Innovation will properly optimize your videos with targeted keywords, including titles, descriptions, keywords and more, so that both search spiders and your target audience can find them.

Branded Innovation also knows that there are more video sharing sites than YouTube to fuel your video marketing campaign. We will create unique titles and descriptions for your videos, all properly optimized, and submit them to various video sharing sites including DailyMotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe and more. We understand that different video sharing sites attract different sub-segments of your target audience and we want to give your video marketing campaign the best possible chance at being successful.

Branded Innovation is also happy to help our full service SEO clients with their online video marketing from a content creation perspective. While we do not have the in-house ability to create videos for your company, we can either work directly with you or your video production company to determine what topics your videos should focus on and how to properly leverage them for your SEO. We understand that video marketing is an important component of your overall SEO link building strategy, is a great way to engage with your target audience, build your online brand presence and more!


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