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Having a website that provides quality content to your customers is one of the most important strategies when it comes to your internet marketing. You want your customers to not only see you as the provider of a worthy product/service but also as a trustworthy resource. This allows your customers to get to know more about your niche and also brings them back to your site regularly for more information. Producing quality content should be on the top of the priority list for any business that wants to be the best in their industry.

How can we help? Quality-content

We know what you must be thinking…”I need to work on my business, not create content. How can I possibly make time for that?”. We understand that you are busy growing your business, which is why we are here to help you with the things that matter most in your internet marketing, like creating content. We do the work, so you don’t have to. When it comes to producing quality content we have a few options from you to choose from.

Option 1 – Basic Content Creation: 

We have a team of highly intelligent (and good looking I might add) individuals who have experience producing content on a number of topics. Any one of our team members can create relevant content for you that is optimized for the search engines. This is the most basic content creation option we offer.

Option 2 – Professional Content Creation: 

Work with our head professional copywriter and editor on our team, Viju Mathew, to publish content with the highest quality. Viju has been professionally writing for 8 years and was first got published in 1998 in a print magazine. He has been published in Islands Magazine, was Associated Editor at the National Publication, Spa Magazine from 2006-2009 where he wrote everything from contributor bios to short articles and features, and also held the title of Associated Editor at Destination Wine Country Magazine as well as Elite Meetings.

Although his specialty lies in writing about travel, his past article topics have ranged from clothing in Alaska to worm farming. Viju also has a special talent in short copy. He possesses the ability to create pithy and humorous blurbs that convey the summary of the article while maintaining a professional tone. From full features to effective and punchy copies, Viju Mathew is the best there is when it comes to producing quality content. See his resume and writing samples below.

Option 3 – Professional Editing Services: 

Do you already have core content or wish to produce your own that could be looked over and edited by a professional eye? That is where our previously mentioned professional copywriter and editor, Viju Mathew, can take over. Allow Viju to massage the current content you already have for optimal flow and effect. Viju has had experience editing everything from health and fitness copy to corporate copy and tech copy. He has a highly esteemed reputation for turning the basic and boring into something compelling and exciting.

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