Recipe For A Winning Local Landing Page

Recipe For A Winning Local Landing Page

The anatomy of a local landing page for a website can have profound effects on the accessibility and ratings of a website; along with the likelihood a user will partake in the products or services the website is offering.

Many website designers simply create duplicate local content pages and only change the location listed on the page. In order to optimize a website for both search engines and human users, a website designer must not only use unique content for every area the business is marketing to, but also create multiple local content pages for a more personalized experience.


A truly successful website has a unique local landing page for every market the business exists in. This landing page must have a few key features for it to be optimized for website crawlers and human users.

At the top of the page should be the specific title of the page and the H1 tag. The title and tag should include the location the landing page is intended for. Moving down the page, one of the next items that should be included is a map with a link for directions on Google Maps if the locale of your business is important. Near the map should be the business contact information (NAP) so users have a few options of how they can contact the company. These two previous elements are exceedingly important because Google stores this information to identify the business the website was made for.

Next, a few testimonials should be listed on the page from preferably well-known (to the public) clients to establish credibility within only a few seconds of a person visiting the page.

Finally, a local landing page should include a “call to action” button that entices the user to join a mailing list, buy/sign up for a product or service, or any other action that will help move the business forward. These buttons typically have a large, empty/blurred background with a centered button that is contrasting in color and style to the area around it. Though these elements are important for a local content landing page, more steps may be taken in order to further improve a website’s accessibility, ratings, and sales/subscriptions.

With competition for website visits and search engine optimization increasing every day, creating one local content page is no longer enough to be the best. Successfully producing multiple local content pages creates a comprehensive user experience by providing more information than a typical user needs while organizing these pages in a way that makes it seem like the user is getting only what they want.

The first step to deciding the pages users wants is to thoroughly analyze keywords that bring traffic to a website. With this information, a web designer can create more pages based on what search engine users are looking for. There are a few common pages that are popular among users for most types of websites and markets.

One such page is an information page on staff members. This page can help to personalize a transaction, use of services, or registration as a client for a business by emanating openness and trustworthiness.
A business should also compile all questions received from customers whether in person, on the phone, or through website and email inquiries. A page can then be created of “Frequently Asked Questions,” or “FAQ” for short, to help reduce communication time for both website visitors and the business staff.

Another useful page to include is a comprehensive list of testimonials to build additional credibility with inquirers of a business.

Finally, creating a customer stories page is a great way to prove to the world that your business is personable, reliable, and whichever other traits a team strives for to define their business.

Meticulously designing multiple unique web pages for different markets is the optimum way to get found in the vast pool of connected information called the Internet. Providing unique content tailored for one of many target audiences will both increase the search engine optimization of a website and make a user realize the most important thought for a business: “This was made for me.”


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