Santa Barbara Business Show Introduction

Santa Barbara Business Show: 000 – Introduction

Announcer: Welcome to Santa Barbara Business Show where we brush the tar off our feet and sit down with local business owners and thought leaders. Now here’s your host, Doug Holt.

Doug: Hello everyone and welcome to the Santa Barbara Business Show. In this episode, this is episode 000, is really just an introduction to the show and just to let you know what our intentions are and what you can expect from us. Such as we’ll be publishing this show twice a week on iTunes. It will be available on Stitcher as well as our website This show is for the business community of Santa Barbara and my way of giving back to the community that’s given me so much. A little bit about me since I will be your host. I’ve been in Santa Barbara since 1998 and shortly thereafter I started with an internet company as, kind of, their fitness guru. During that time I was able to learn a ton about the internet and internet marketing, an area that I work extensively in today. In fact, I actually started college as a computer science major but like many college students early on I switched majors later on thinking I was really just a hacker and not the guy who wants to sit and write Java code all day, not that there is anything wrong with that. It just wasn’t my thing at that time. I was playing soccer in college. Now I have a great team with me and we help our clients take the mystery out of the internet.

I also own a private fitness studio in town with an amazing staff. This allows me to combine both of my passions really in a unique way, but not a way that’s all that unique from people that I’ve met along my journey and really look up to. In fact I’ve had a brick and mortar business in Santa Barbara since 2001. Was on State Street for eight years and we’re slightly off State Street now and I still own and operate several small businesses in town. I’ve been very fortunate and I’ve learned a lot along the way. A lot of that’s from mentors that I’ve had, like many of the guests that you’re going to meet on the show, and just getting a chance to meet people and be involved in the community. I’m still involved with many local and international charities and really I believe it’s up to us to create a better life for ourselves and for those around us. I’m an avid lover of the outdoors and I love playing sports. In fact, I just got married a year ago and my wife and I love both of those. That’s really enough about me.

You can always find out more about me at or just go ahead and shoot me an email. I’d love to get coffee with you or go for a beach run, Santa Barbara’s always the best place to do that. Let’s get back to logistics. As you can obviously tell I’m not a radio person. I’m just somebody trying to give back to the community, so please excuse me. You’ll probably make a game of the number of “Ums” that I say during this show and I’ll try to get better on that. You can always pick up the show notes, so anything we talk about whether it be links or advice people give or just general information. Whether you’re running at the beach, you’re at the gym, or in your car you can always refer back to this at Get those show notes. If you know somebody that should be on the show or you have questions about the show please feel free to email me directly at

Also of course we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, so you can always find us out there. Reach to myself or my team. We’ll be happy to help you out any way we can. The format of these shows is going to be about 20 to 30 minutes of either information regarding business in the town or an interview from somebody. A thought leader, a business owner or executive, or somebody that’s doing something special in Santa Barbara. We’re also going to reserve a couple of minutes to talk about local news and updates so the show should be about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the interviews. We’ll try to keep them short so you can actually digest the information and always come back and learn more. If you like the show, please leave us feedback on iTunes. That’s how we know that what we’re doing is worthwhile and you’re enjoying it. If you feel our mission is worthy please give us a shout out. We’d really appreciate it. All of these shows are only about 30 minutes or so. They do take us a couple of hours to actually produce, so I ask that if you do like them let me and my team know and a rating on iTunes is really helpful. With that said I hope you enjoy the show. Look forward to your feedback and have a happy and healthy day.

Announcer: That’s a wrap. For show notes and details on this episode go to and don’t forget to leave us a review in iTunes if you love the show. We’ll see you next time on State Street.


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