Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to live and to run a business. We’ve not only helped local business like your grow, but we’ve grown our own businesses right here for the past decade.

Internet marketing is both a science and an art. Our owner got his start in the late 90’s while still at UCSB. Yup, before Google was around, Doug was working for an Internet company that set up shop in Carpinteria. He was able to move into his own place right out of college (a big deal in Santa Barbara) and was offered a full-time salaried position where he learned the ins and outs of online marketing and the power of leveraging the Internet to build a business.

Since that time, a lot has changed in both Santa Barbara and Internet Marketing, but there are things that haven’t changed such as doing business with integrity, producing results that are ROI focused, and the undeniable beauty of Santa Barbara.

At Branded Innovation, we understand what it means to do business both in Santa Barbara and on a global scale. We use traditional proven marketing concepts that have worked for hundreds of years and leverage the incredible power of the Internet to produce quality results for our Santa Barbara based clients. Marketing is designed to help you grow your business’ bottom line and branding. It needs to be both strategic and verifiable. We provide our clients with both.

Santa Barbara Business Show 006: Outer Aisle Gourmet

Santa Barbara Business Show got Jeanne David of Outer Isle Gourmet and she talks about their products which would really catch the attention of gluten-free food lovers and would be highly beneficial to those who observe healthy wealthy diet!

Santa Barbara Business Show: 005 – Audible Yoga

This episode on Santa Barbara Business Show talks about Audible Yoga and how a passion turned into a product which benefits a lot of yoga lovers!

Santa Barbara Business Show : 004 – Erik Haney

Santa Barbara Business Show Episode 4 will bring you another thought leader and a very successful entrepreneur from SB itself. Erik Haney will share a lot about Movegreen, how it all started, how it gotten far from what is expected, and what impact it had and is giving to the Santa Barbara community.

Santa Barbara Business Show : 003 – Jessica Rea

Today on Santa Barbara Business Show Episode 3, we are bringing you another business thought leader, Jessica Rea and she will discuss about how her passion and creativity on graphic designs help other purpose-driven ladypreneurs create and market their dream businesses successfully, attract their ideal clients, and maximize their profits!

Santa Barbara Business Show : 002 – Tara Jones

In this episode of the Santa Barbara Business Show we get to talk with one of the most successful SB entrepreneurs, Tara Jones of Eat This, Shoot That. Her passion on photography and being a food lover just taught her to let her freak flag flies and live a fulfilled life she’s always wanted. Of course there were inpenetrable walls but she was able to find a way and push through it and make it a success.

Santa Barbara Business Show : 001 – Van Haas

In this episode of the Santa Barbara Business Show we get to talk with Van Haas. Van is an entrepreneur and efficiency fanatic who has saved tens of millions of dollars for his clients and companies. Also, he spent close to 10 years as a Finance and Operations Executive where he played a critical role in multi-state expansion while more than tripling revenues and increasing profits more than five times.
You don’t want to miss this episode.

Santa Barbara Business Show: 000 – Introduction

Welcome to the first episode of the Santa Barbara Business Show. We’ll be sharing interviews with thought leaders and business people from Santa Barbara each week.

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