SEO Goes Beyond Website Optimization

SEO Goes Beyond Website Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects for marketers when working to prepare a brand. Many marketers automatically connect SEO with website optimization but it is more than that. To be be truly successful in SEO, you must make sure to optimize search for other marketing avenues as well.

According to an iProspect study, 67% of online users are led to search from different offline sources. This means that these users saw something that was first in print, TV, a billboard on the highway or a poster on the street before they began their web searchers. Because of the need to get people to find our website in the searching stage, we need to combine SEO strategy with offline marketing campaigns. To do this, you must ask yourself:

What tag lines are being used?
What are the story lines?
What images are used?
What’s in the ad copy?
What makes the ads memorable?
How will people search for the ad?

Once you’ve asked these question, you should be able to integrate the answers into your website and social network sites. The questions enable your brand to capture offline audiences who search by memory.

More than focusing on offline channels, you should also focus on optimization of your social media sites. People are no longer searching solely through traditional search engines. Many consumers look for products that have been recommended by their online friends, and usually integrate this into their buying decisions. For the marketer, optimization social media platforms is more than just monitoring the right keywords to find and respond to specific queries. You must make sure that you use the correct terms in your updates so that consumers can find you easily.

Email marketing is another opportunity for great SEO. For this, the best tactics to increase open rates, click through rates and overall campaign success is through using the structured markup tactics presented by Google. Structured markup allows marketers to create messages that resemble the board structure of Pinterest.

Since SEO is a great way to increase traffic to your brand, it is important to implement it in all departments. For a brand to be successful, you must be aware of how your target audience is looking for your products and services and utilize this in anyway possible to harness the power of SEO.


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