SEO MythBusters (Part One): What is Content Marketing?

SEO MythBusters (Part One): What is Content Marketing?

You hear it again and again, proper SEO does not come from a guidebook. However, many marketers and business owners still believe that there is a specific, fool-proof process that can be followed for greater brand expansion.

What is this myth which has misguided so many throughout the years?

When you have interesting and original content on your website and you share it, you can expect viewers to quickly become customers.

Simplified, this means:


While STEP 1 and STEP 2 are on the right track, companies putting out content solely for the resulting profit will be drastically disappointed. Gaining potential customers is not as simple as this myth leads it to be, that is why we are telling you that if you want to be successful in content marketing, you have to have more contributors, a bigger budget and less immediate expectations. Would you make an impulsive purchase from a company with an unknown brand just because the first time you visited their site, the content was interesting? No? Then don’t expect your viewers to do it either.

So how does efficient content marketing actually work?
By committing to hard work. The field of content marketing is not a simple one, if it were, more people would do it and the competition would be ridiculous. But lucky for us, it is not! With a lower amount of competition, your company has the potential to create content actually remembered, found, and shared.

Anyways, the reality is that STEP 1 and STEP 2 must be repeated continuously. The average rate of customers to a known agency like Moz is 7 visits! Their team is huge, their content is valuable, and their name is quite known, yet they do not expect a person to subscribe to a free trial until the seventh visit. Hard to believe, right? After repeating STEP 1 and STEP 2 many times, you can usually see more customers coming back to your website and purchasing your product when they need it. Remember that to gain more conversions, you have to make your content valuable. People, when they actually need the product or service, will prefer the company with the best content and the best interaction and service that was provided. Make your company stand out! Even if these methods do not work all the time, they will improve your ranking, which will lead to more people learning about and visiting your website. Working hard and doing the right things will get you results, you just have to be patient enough to wait for them.

How has this harmed companies in the past?
Due to this myth, many companies have lacked proper planning and a needed budget to be able to handle the work that comes with great content marketing. They give up too soon or run out of funds, and blame it on the marketing field itself instead of the work they did not commit to. In addition, because of this myth, companies forget about the importance of SEO and optimization. Without gaining links from other sites, or adding internal links, building audiences on Google Plus, and using keywords improperly, their ranking falls and their plan slowly falls apart. Harsh? Well, marketing was never easy to begin with.

In order to be successful in content marketing, you have to know how to engage the audience well enough to earn a purchase or conversion. Creating a memorable brand will give you the results you are looking for, your company just has to work for it.

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