SEO MYTHS Busted by Branded Innovation (Part One)

SEO MYTHS Busted by Branded Innovation (Part One)

Before venturing out into the world of SEO, remember to keep in mind that different agencies use different tactics which could potentially hurt or help your company.

Black Hat SEO techniques are often used because they are simple and temporarily get a website to the front page of a search engine. However, the damage they can cause to your company website may become permanent. With new Panda and Penguin updates regularly implemented by Google search engines, spammy websites created with Black Hat SEO methods will be penalized. Have a look at our blog, Panda 4.0 Update, to learn more about how Google is keeping up and filtering out Black Hat websites from ranking high in search engines. In order to save you from a headache, Branded Innovation has decided to create a blog post specifically designed to make you an expert in White-Hat and Black-Hat techniques. Get ready for Branded Innovation to bust some myths.

Myth #1 – Relevant keywords are not fundamental:
Some agencies try to convince you with false illusions of the incredible results they can bring you. They might assure you that your website will reach the front page of Google by making it sound “more appealing”. But beware, irrelevant keywords will only lower your overall rank in search engines.

What are some examples of Irrelevant Keyword usage?
“Our product is so great, Taylor Swift has been using this garbage disposer every time she cooks!”

The Reality: Relevant Keywords are incredibly important to SEO:
Say what you will, but Search Engine Optimization is based on hard work. The more you improve your tactics and use only White- Hat techniques, the better the results you will get. By using relevant keywords correctly, you have the potential to get your website where you want it to be. Where would you add relevant keywords? After choosing the keywords your company will use, be sure to add them into the meta description, headings, title tags, anchor text, and throughout your entire website. Just make sure to keep each within its individual character limit for best results. Relevant keywords help search engines know what your company is about and rank you accordingly. If you need extra help, Branded Innovation offers a free website audit, which checks the consistency and format of your meta descriptions, anchor text and title tags.

Myth #2: The more keywords on your website, the better:
More Keywords?
Some agencies make try to convince you that keywords are the priority for your optimization plan. Their plan may sound tempting because in their explanation, you will be happy once they say that Google determines the relevancy of a website based on implemented keywords. So, more keywords = front page of Google.

Reality: Quality > Quantity when it comes to keywords!
The truth is that adding too many keywords into the content of your website is called keyword stacking or keyword stuffing. Google works hard to filter out these type of sites, penalizing them for it as well. Make sure to not fall for these false tactics, repeated keywords will be seen as spam by search engines, resulting in a lowered rank.

An example of keyword stuffing is “Classy shoes shoes heels shoes shoes shoes shoes”

Instead of creating spam with keyword stacking, use keywords professionally and at the right moments. Make sure to write sentences that actually make sense, prioritize keyword density, and use different words that are still relevant to the context.

Follow this advice and get ready to get your website to the front page the right way! If you want more information about White- Hat tactics done by Branded Innovation, make sure to contact us!

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