The Ins and Outs of Meta Descriptions

The Ins and Outs of Meta Descriptions

Every person utilizing a search engine has a need, whether it’s a question or product that must be answered immediately. Therefore, they will click on the search result that seems the most trustworthy, usually dictated by it’s height in the search result, and that is the bestanswer to their question. THIS is where meta descriptions come in.

A meta description is the short description below the blue link of a search results. Since the meta description is paramount to bringing people to your site, it is necessary that it is written in a way that persuades the searcher to choose your site instead of the others listed on the search page.

How to make a winning meta description by…

Thinking Like A Searcher


Use your understanding of your target audience’s needs to formulate questions to post in the meta description that answer these questions in relation to your company!

Provide a Solution:

Offer snidbits of content on your website that would match what they are looking for or provide information of why they should read your post.

Keep it Short

The rule of thumb is to keep meta descriptions under 155 characters but Google actually measures them by pixels.

Make it Relevant

Although you want to attract the customer to your page, you don’t want to do that by posting false content in your meta description. Make sure what your posting is relevant to your sites content!

For additional information on how to improve your meta description, visit this blog post at Hubspot

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