Tumblr and How it Can Help You Market Your Business

Tumblr and How it Can Help You Market Your Business

A look into Tumblr’s features and benefits and why you should consider implementing it into your own marketing strategy.

Social media provides a wide array of marketing opportunities, such as allowing you to more closely interact with potential and present customers, increase brand awareness, and keep up to date on current trends. Currently the largest blog host platform on the web, Tumblr’s potential for business marketing should not be ignored. Perhaps its most interesting element is that it possesses the characteristics of both a social media and blogging platform.

While you can generate your own blogs, it also allows users to share content, post pictures and videos, and most importantly, customize. You can use Tumblr to reflect your brand personality through both content and its numerous customizable features. Many marketers are unaware of the benefits of implementing Tumblr into their marketing strategy and are missing out on its opportunities.

In addition to the ones previously mentioned, Tumblr’s benefits also include:

A huge potential for acquiring backlinks

This is where Tumblr’s social features come into play. When you post a blog with content that interests users, they can choose to “reblog” it, which allows them to take your blog content and put it onto their own page. In turn, each time a user reblogs your content, your blog and any link within it acquires a backlink, which Tumblr calls a Dofollow link. This is a great resource for getting some strong backlinks back to both your content and website.


Content discovery using #Hashtags

link building

Unlike many social media sites, you don’t have to have a large amount of followers for people to see your posts. Tumblr’s search options make it easy for users to discover your content if you apply popular and relevant hashtags.

Content testing grounds

Similarly to how people use Pinterest, when they come across uninteresting information, they simply scroll past it. This makes Tumblr a great place test your content to help you gage what acquires the most attention from users. If one blog in particular is getting a substantial amount of reblogs, you may choose to post it on your other social media platforms.


Microsites can be particularly useful if you regularly post high quality content, as you can have a collection of web properties that all link back to your website. You also have the option of changing from the tumblr.com subdomain to your own domain name.


As mentioned previously, Tumblr is another great way to increase your web presence by engaging with customers and get your brand name out there.

For additional information on how to use Tumblr to market your business, visit this Moz blog

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