Using Google Analytics Conversions Reports to Boost Conversion Rates

Using Google Analytics Conversions Reports to Boost Conversion Rates

There are a number of ways to increase your conversion rates, but not many take advantage of Google Analytics Conversions Reports. We’ll examine how this tool can assist your marketing efforts and help boost your conversion rates.



You can find Google Analytics Conversions Reports by scrolling to the bottom of this box:

The conversions report is divided into 4 sections: Goals, Ecommerce, Multi-channel Funnels, and Attribution.

This section contains a summary report of your goals in the Goals Overview report. From here, you can view the Goal URLs report. This report shows you the URLs of your website where visitors convert. You can find out which URLs have the most conversions using this URL report.

The Reverse Goal Path report will illustrate the steps taken by a visitor before they convert. It also displays the most common pathway taken by converting visitors.

If you set Google Analytics to track multiple steps of the conversion process, then you can see Funnel Visualization reports. If you have several steps in the goal completion process, then these Funnel Visualizations are useful. There is also goal flow visualization reporting available.

You can obtain ecommerce reports through Google Analytics Conversions Reports. These are especially important for those that have an online store or sell services and products online. These reports will summarize everything from the shopper’s journey to complete a purchase. This includes summaries for ecommerce conversion rates, transactions, revenue, and more.

Multi-Channel Funnels:
The multi-channel funnel reports give you an overview of the conversion journey to understand the steps taken by a customer before they convert. You can view the Multi-Channel Funnel Overview report, which will show you what elements of your marketing campaign are helping you the most. You can also see the top conversion paths so that you can fine-tune your marketing efforts to cater to your visitors.

Model Attribution:
The last section contains the Model Attribution report. This report will help you understand differences in conversion paths taken by visitors that convert by examining the interactions that take place. Whether the interaction involved paid search, organic search, social media, or email, this report will break it down for you to analyze the results of your marketing campaign.

Concluding thoughts
Google Analytics Conversions Reports are extremely useful for analyzing your conversion rate. If you want to fully understand the methodology of your visitors and conversions, then you must start taking advantage of the conversions reports that Google Analytics provides. You can identify the most common conversion pathway and revamp your marketing campaign to boost conversions.


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