7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Conversion Rate

7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Conversion Rate

You put a lot of your time, energy, and money into making your business succesful. Now what if you could see that success faster than before? You can! The way to get the greatest return on investments (ROI) is by practicing good conversion rate optimization (CRO). Essentially, your conversion rate is the amount of visitors that come to your website that buy into your services or products. Thus, the greater your conversion rate, the greater ROI. Fortunately, this can be done without spending copious amounts of times, and we have 7 tips here to help you out:

1. Get the most powerful testing software available
When it comes to business, you have to invest a bit of change to get the ball rolling before you see results. For this reason, you should look into using the best software out there for your business. You will need A/B testing software. These softwares are made to be simple to use. Some softwares to look into are Google Experiments, Optimizely, and Upbounce.

2. A/B Test Non-Stop
A/B Testing allows you to test two different landing pages for your website in order to see which is the most successful in CRO. You will want to test different design aspects of your website like font, format, theme, call to action, and headline, just to name a few. Use the responses you receive from your A/B testing to create an optimal website.

3. Place your CTA above the fold
Your call to action, or CTA, should be one of the first things that your visitors see on your website. The CTA will let visitors know what your intentions are and why. You will want this to be above the fold, which is the landing page that is seen without having to scroll down the page.

4. Shorten your form
If you are trying to obtain information from your website visitors, make it as concise a possible. Only have a form that collects the information that is the most pertinent to you and your needs. Whether that be name, email, or phone number, only get what you need as to not overwhelm and discourage visitors from continuing down the funnel.

5. Make your call to action bigger
This can be interpreted in many ways, but essentially, bigger is better. You can do this by increasing the font of your call to action, the button, the are that it takes up on your website. You want your CTA to be as easy to locate as possible. This alone has the potential to increase revenue by a substantial amount.

6. Make your headline more obvious
Your headline is something that is guaranteed to be seen by everyone who comes to your website, so make it a good one. The best headlines, are large in size, short in length, and get to the point. You want this to be simple and pack a punch.

7. Add Testimonials
Finally, you want visitors to trust you, so why not use testimonies from those who have used what you have to offer? Testimonials provide honest answers to any final questions your potential customers may have. Use people that your target audience can identify with- the more they can connect with these people, the greater visitors will trust your business which will lead to them being more likely to invest in you services.


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