Facebook Factory: The Steps Behind Building The Perfect Facebook Page (Part 2)

Facebook Factory: The Steps Behind Building The Perfect Facebook Page (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Facebook Factory, Branded Innovation broke down some of the basic things you need to learn when it comes to creating a professional Facebook page. Today, we teach you some new Facebook features you might have not heard of before.

Managing every part of your Facebook page efficiently gives your company a higher chance of gaining more potential clients. While Facebook might not be directly integrated into SEO, it is a driving mechanism behind your rise to success.

The first thing we will learn about is the Star Hide Pin:
The star hide pin has numerous uses. It can be used to highlight individual stories, make stories wider, hide specific stories from your timeline, allow you to classify important stories with a star icon, or even delete stories altogether. In addition, with the star hide pin, you have the ability to pin or anchor a specific story to the top of your timeline for up to seven days. That way, that specific post will not get hidden behind recent updates. The star hide pin has the advantage of applying to all different kinds of content, such as slide decks, ebooks, and webinars. These content offers always include a call to action at the end in order to let fans convert new leads to reconvert existing ones.


Always communicate with the audience:
What do we mean by this? This means that, as an admin, you should make sure to enable your page so you are allowed to receive personal messages from viewers. Not only will this put your company on a more personal basis with customers, but it will also allow you to discuss topics such as, customer service issues, on a more confidential basis. Not everyone wants to put a complaint or comment on a company’s main page, so it is important to give consumers the option of a private alternative.


Be sure to show your companies milestones:
Milestones are used to highlight a company’s biggest accomplishments, fan growth, awards it has won, events, and product releases. Ideally, the milestones pictures should all be about 843 by 403 pixels.


Branded Innovation has now given you the second part to the new features you need to know about Facebook. Although it can be tiring to constantly change the way you manage your page because of these updates, keep in mind they were primarily made to benefit the viewers Facebook usage, not yours. With that in mind, it is incredibly important to always adapt with new changes so your company can stay ahead of competitors. But that is not all you will see of Facebook Factory, join us next week, when we implement all we have learned into the page itself.

If you want more strategies for your Facebook Page before Part 3 of our series comes out, head over to the Branded Innovation Page and follow us for details.

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