New Dimensions For Facebook Group Cover Images

Have you noticed that the cover image on your Facebook Group looks “off”? Maybe you haven’t even checked and now you’re opening another tab to check right now (good call). Facebook has shifted the dimensions of cover images on Facebook Groups, resulting in many cut-off images that don’t look as appealing.

It can be complicated figuring out what dimensions are correct and can be quite the time-consuming task to create multiple images in different sizes just to see which works best. That’s why ...

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Find Out Why Businesses are Investing in SEO and Outsourcing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that ensures a website has the features needed to make it more appealing to search algorithms employed by content finding websites, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These features and tactics include refining content by adding keywords/phrases and hyperlinks, ensuring the page title accurately indicate the content, adding specialized coding to the backend of your website, and much more. SEO works on your website’s behalf to showcase to the most p...

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The Value of Failure

It is better to try and fail than to have never tried at all. As cliché as this phrase sounds, it holds more meaning than you might initially think.
Failure is generally perceived as a negative result, which can cause feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration. If you can get past those feelings and look at a failure from an objective perspective and learn from it, failure can provide useful insights for future endeavors.

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Get Excited About Keywords and Title Tags Yet Be Wary of Search Engine Penalties

Conducting proper keyword research can allow you to keep your website up to date and ranking high in search engine results in a dynamic market. Title tag design is critical to both visitor experience and search engine optimization. While making all of these edits, a web designer and coder must be wary of the pitfalls that can make honest websites with high quality content plummet in search engine rankings.

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Recipe For A Winning Local Landing Page

The anatomy of a local landing page for a website can have profound effects on the accessibility and ratings of a website; along with the likelihood a user will partake in the products or services the website is offering.

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Summary of the 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors

Every year the top dogs in the industry are constantly monitoring the trends of Google and what factors within your website and online marketing strategy can help you to increase and grow on the search engines. Well, this year’s results are in! Instead of recreating all of the results, we think it would be best to give you a little summary and direct you to the mega hub of all the results if you choose to dive in a bit deeper.

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Top 20 Local SEO Ranking Factors

First published in 2008 by David Mihm, the Local Search Ranking Factors survey of Local SEOs around the globe has become a high point in the year in local search. This guide is for marketers who are new to the field of local SEO and for local business owners who are flying solo in their efforts to market their companies on the web.

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How To Improve Your Website’s Accessibility

Accessibility is the practice of identifying and removing obstacles that block users and search engines from being able to use your website. It is important for search engine spiders to be able to crawl your website. If your website is not easily accessible, these spiders cannot do what their job. There are four basic components that factor into this: HTTP Status Code, XML Sitemap and Robots.txt, Website Design, and Site Performance.

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On-Page Ranking Factors

When completing a website audit, on-page ranking factors play an influential role in deciding where your website’s pages land on the search engine results page. These factors are the influencing characteristics of each individual page associated with your website. These factors illustrate different aspects of your website’s SEO.

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