The Basics of Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO factors are those that are outside if your webpage. These factors are important because they let search engines get an idea of how others perceive your website. A useful website that should be ranked higher is more likely to have a lot of link referenced, shares on social media, etc. There are hundreds of different factors in off-page SEO, but three of the most important ones are link building, social media, and social bookmarking.

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Local SEO Factors

Although your website is on the World Wide Web it is important not to forget about the locals that got your business started in the first place. In recent years, Search engines, in particular, Google, have begun to direct a lot more of their efforts into providing better local search results. Thus, it is now more important then ever for your website to be optimizing its local SEO factors.

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3 Steps To Maintaining A Fresh Buyer Persona

Once your company is established and well on its way in its field, it can be easy to forget about those buyer personas you developed those so many years ago. I am sure your personas have changed since back when your business was nothing more then an idea on a white board. Although, your companies buyer personas may not have changed drastically over the years it is important to keep a fresh and open mind to your personas so that your company’s marketing is growing just as your customers continue to grow.

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The Key Factors of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is important because it can cause huge leaps in organic traffic growth. However, this growth isn’t achieved easily. It takes many tries and many failures to create content that can increase your traffic. There are 5 important factors that go into creating the kind of content that will pull traffic to your website.

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The Basics of Buyer Personas

When determining your marketing plan for your product, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the kind of person that you believe your service will attract. In marketing terms, this is called your buyer persona.

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3 Phases of the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is perhaps one of the most important facets in the technique of successful marketing. The general process of this journey is illustrated in three simple steps: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Understanding this customer lifecycle is critical in increasing your sales and driving up customer satisfaction.


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Content Marketing: Know What Your Audience Wants

Many people utilize content marketing to engage audiences and drive traffic to their pages.  However, there is a big content marketing problem right now. People are making investments before knowing if their audiences will love their content. Essentially, people are coming up with ideas and building them before talking to anybody else. Not only is this risky, but it is easily avoidable. In order to effectively create something that people really want and love and are willing to share, follow these five tips.

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3 Practices Required For Marketing Success

For years, the goal of marketers have been to try and get the right messages to the right customers at the right time. The marketing method to reach this goal has been relatively consistent until now. Due to the prominent nature of the digital age, a paradigm shift has occurred to drastically change the methods of client reach for marketers. In the digital age, the buyers have the power to do their own product research and are no longer reliant on the carefully constructed product descriptions that marketers have always provided. Here are three practices that progressive marketers have embraced in order to adapt to the digital age and the resulting evolution of buyer behavior.

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7 Ideas To Help You Keep Up With Fast Pace of Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, and because of this many marketers find it hard to keep up. Keeping up with social media change can be a horribly terrifying idea but it’s doable. Here are some ideas on how to organize yourself to handle the constant change of social media.

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