5 Tips For Successful SEO in 2015

Marketers know that the key to running a long and successful marketing campaign is to stay ahead of the curve. As Google continues to update and perfect its search engine algorithms, digital marketers must also review and revise their marketing strategy. Take a look at some of the things SEOs should focus on in 2015.

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How to Increase SEO Rankings using Google Plus

SEO is more than just making sure that your website is readable by web crawlers. You can boost your brand’s ranking on Google search in several ways, including by using Google Plus. Here are a few tips on how to increase SEO ranking by using Google Plus.

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Using Analytics To Turn Visitors Into Customers

What is the key to a successful business? That is a difficult question to answer that does not have a “one-fits-all” answer. The best solution that you, as business owners, have for increasing your success rate and customer satisfaction is by taking a look at your website analytics.

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How to Increase Online Sales Using Web Analytics

For online businesses, using an analytics tool provides useful information that, when used effectively, can increase conversions leading to online sales. By looking at key features, these businesses can better understand their strengths and weaknesses. They can better target their market and identify problems within their website. Through data collected, online businesses can better optimize their website as well as the customer experience.

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BuzzSumo: An Excellent Tool For Marketing Your Content

In trying to market your content, there are many ways to collect data and analyze the content that you find most important and social media impact. BuzzSumo, a new analytics tool, sets itself apart from the rest by providing an easy tool to discover ways to connect with certain audiences. Here are a few ways that BuzzSumo improves upon content analysis and data collection.

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Perform Content Marketing Analysis By Using Google Analytics

Content marketing is a valuable method of attracting a defined audience. By consistently publishing relevant and valuable content on your site, you can boost your marketing efforts to reach your target audience. Content marketing analysis is necessary to ensure you have a successful content marketing campaign. Read on to find out how you can analyze your content marketing using Google Analytics.

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Determine Marketing Analytics Path By Using Business Goals

There are mountains of data that could be analyzed when looking at your marketing analytics, but not every piece of information is necessarily going to help. Before you look at the metrics, it’s important to determine your immediate marketing goals. Whether you’d like to drive brand awareness or generate more leads, the following information will assist you in determining which metrics to focus on based on your goals.

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10 Ways to Build Website Credibility

Website credibility is important for every business with an online presence. With high credibility, your business site will attract more traffic, has a higher conversation rate, and generates more sales. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same goes for website credibility. It’s a long-term process that requires your commitment and time. Follow these 10 tips and your website credibility will increase!

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How Often to Post to Social Media

There is no perfect answer for the question, “how often should I post to social media?” Each social media platform has its own set of do’s and don’ts when it comes to when to post and how often to post. Examining the trends of each platform and your relative industry will help to determine what the best frequency is for your business. Let’s take a deeper look into what the data suggests.

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